Contec brings data control and management solutions for environmental reporting:

– Analyzer Management
– Data Acquisition Software (DAS)
– Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS)
– Continuous Opacity Monitoring Systems (COMS)

Our expert engineers specialize in finding optimal solutions across a broad range of industries impacted by local, state and federal monitoring and reporting requirements. Contec brings a powerful perspective built on experience, with decades of effective designs and implementations.

Seamlessly integrate CEM/COM with 3rd Parties

dataSOFT suite brings powerful control and reporting for CEM applications – preconfigured and guaranteed to meet EPA requirements. It’s remote monitoring with secure control.

Our exclusive dataSOFT suite was developed to offer the most advanced set of tool through sleek, efficient design. From an easy to control platform with user friendly features, to signature clear reporting of data, Contec solutions quickly help reduce response time averages.


Overview – Continuous Emissions & Opacity Monitoring


dataSOFT SUITE provides companies remote viewing and reporting capabilities from any networked computer. Utilizing Microsoft’s SQL Server database, dataSOFTSUITE brings the ability to integrate CEM/COM information seamlessly into third-party applications using ODBC and OPC interfaces.

dataSOFT SUITE is a 32 bit software application, designed to be user friendly and highly customizable.

Power Packed Utilities

Staying informed while away from the system has never been easier? dataSOFTSUITE contains some of the most powerful automated utilities available. When purchased as part of the software options, terminal emulation software takes full advantage of today’s computer modem technology supporting remote factory troubleshooting and file transfers.

Emergency Response

As an option, and in conjunction with Contec’s Software Maintenance Program, dataSOFT SUITE can alert our service group when conditions require immediate attention (i.e. backup disk full, hard drive or PLC problems, etc.). This powerful feature will dramatically reduce response time to problems and will allow Contec to correct the problem before anyone at your facility even knows it exists.

The Report Generator

With one of the most powerful report generators available for CEM applications, all reports that are generated by dataSOFT SUITE are preconfigured at our factory and are…”guaranteed to meet EPA 40 CFR Part 60, 75, 266 and 503 requirements.” Reports can be generated to the computer screen, the printer or to a disk drive.

Included with dataSOFT SUITE is the flexibility and ability to alter report information through the use of “ASCII INI” file editing. Anytime after software delivery, header and column text information can be altered as well as what emission data and calculation is to be reported within each column of the report. Available reports include one minute, hourly, daily and monthly averages as well as calibration and incident reports. A quarterly emissions, incident, and data availability are also part of the standard report generator.

The Library

dataSOFT SUITE has a built in library of calculations. To alter a report column, simply select the column you wish to modify, inform the program which new calculation you wish to use, and input the information where dataSOFT SUITE can locate the input variables within the database.

Features – Continuous Emissions & Opacity Monitoring

Multi-Level Password Protection

User Configurable Password Protection at both Manager and Operator levels

CEM System Setup Window

  • Change LOW, HIGH, and HIGH HIGH Alarm Set Points
  • Select Which “High/High” Alarms Trigger Emissions Incidents
  • Change Calibration Gas Bottle Values and Input & Output Ranges
  • Change Allowable Analyzer Drift & Auto System Calibration Time
  • Select Single or Multiple Daily Calibrations
  • Set Auto Calibration Time and/or Frequency and All CEM Timing Delays
  • Change Miscellaneous System Constants Such as F-factor, HHV, etc.
  • Place an Input Channel In or Out of Service

Data Base Editor

  • Manager and Operator can Enter Process and Reason Codes
  • Manager Can Change the Recorded Values in the Data Base
  • Allows Manager to Insert Values Into Any Missing Data Periods

Real Time Averages Window

  • Displays 1 Minute, 6 Minute, 15 Minute, 1 Hour and Various Rolling Averages

Real Time Trending Window

  • Trend Raw and Calculated Information
  • Adjustable X and Y Axis and Update Frequency (1 to 900 seconds)
  • Adjustable Color Palette

Historical Trending

  • Plots One Minute, Hourly Averages and Calibration Results
  • Plot Up to 7500 Continuous Data Points
  • 300 Continuous Days When Plotting 1 Hour Averages
  • 5 Continuous Days When Plotting 1 Minute Average
  • Zoom In and Zoom Out on the User Definable Time Periods
  • Calculates the Averages of the Trend Between 2 User Definable Points

Historical Reporting

  • Generates Reports to Screen, Printer, Floppy Disk, or User Defined Drive
  • Indicates Bad and Missing Data Periods
  • 6 Minute and 15 Minute Averages
  • Hourly Averages and Daily Summary
  • Emission Incidents
  • Daily Calibration Results
  • Data Validity and Availability
  • Monthly, Quarterly Summary Reports, Annual Totals, and Summary Reports

Typical System Hardware

DAS Workstation

Contec’s software operates on standard IBM compatible personal computers (PCs). Computers provided by Contec contain the following minimum hardware features:

  • Intel® Core™ 2 Duo 2.60 GHz Processor with 2.0 GB of RAM
  • 160.0 GB Hard Drive
  • Windows® 7 Professional 32 and 64 bit (with Current SP) OS
  • Color 19″ Flat Panel Analog Display
  • Internal 48×32 CDRW/DVD Combo Drive
  • Integrated 10/100 Ethernet Card
  • Laserjet or InkJet Printer (Optional)
  • Remote Workstation (Optional)


All Software can be provided with hardware and software OCX communication drivers for the following devices:

  • Allen Bradley Control Logix Series (All Processors)
  • Allen Bradley Compact Logix Series (L32E and L35E Processors)
  • Allen Bradley Micrologix 1500 Series
  • Allen Bradley PLC-5 Series ( All Processors)
  • Allen Bradley SLC-500 Series ( All Processors)


Siemens S7-300 Series

  • GE Fanuc 90/30 or 90/70
  • Most Modbus Communication Devices
  • ESC’s 8816 & 8832 Data Loggers


Written by Contec Systems, dataSOFT CONFIG is a unique Windows software application that allows you to re-configure and customize your PLC’s program and subsequent operation of your CEM System without relying on your original Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) vendor for changes to your programming.

To see our tools at work, sign up and Contec can demonstrate the power of dataSOFT SUITE and other Contec solutions online, viewable directly from your computer. See how targeted and engineered solutions can quickly benefit our clients in efficiency and effectiveness.

Designed by Contec Systems, dataSOFT CONFIG is a unique Windows software application that allows you to reconfigure and customize your PLC’s program and subsequent operation of the CEM Systems without relying on the original Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) vendor for changes to your programming.


Contec’s standard dataSOFT CONFIG ladder logic program contains hundreds of pre-programmed operating sequences which control the sampling, calibration, and housekeeping cycles of your system without requiring the knowledge of PLC ladder logic programming or vendor assistance.

A software companion to Contec’s dataSOFT SUITE environmental data acquisition software, dataSOFT CONFIG has numerous setup windows containing easy to use matrix tables and sequence timing delays.

You simply construct the sequential operating requirements of your PLC by selecting which digital outputs will be energized during each operating sequence and how long to keep the outputs energized before moving to the next sequence.

You can even change when the PLC records zero and span calibration data or to use digital inputs to record the zero and span data from Opacity or Stack Flow Monitors.

Additionally, dataSOFT CONFIG will allow you to shut down the sample pump or to prevent a calibration cycle based upon the presence or absence of digital inputs that may be connected to sample pressure or moisture monitoring devices.

Once you have configured dataSOFT CONFIG, a simple click of the Save button will download the new configuration to the PLC. The PLC ladder logic will automatically configure the PLC’s operation of the CEM to your new requirements.

dataSOFT CONFIG communicates with Allen Bradley’s PLC based hardware families.

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