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About Contec

Contec Systems Industrial Corporation (Contec Systems) is a software development company with corporate headquarters located in Pottstown, Pennsylvania (a 45 minute car ride from downtown Philadelphia).

Contec Systems was founded in 1990 as a privately held corporation. Contec Systems primary business is in the development of control and data acquisition software with special emphasis on Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) and Meteorological Monitoring Systems (MET). However, recent marketing and sales efforts have rewarded Contec Systems with an emerging growth in the Process Monitoring market.


With the specific goal of providing a completely engineered solution, all of Contec’s designs allow the user to fully maintain and support the product after installation with existing plant engineering personnel.

Using only nationally recognized programmable logic controllers (PLCs), all of Contec Systems’ customers have the ability to select their preferred PLC controller from organizations such as Allen Bradley, General Electric, Modicon, and Siemens.

All data acquisition software applications are 100% designed, developed, and maintained by Contec Systems. No design by Contec Systems utilizes third party software applications as the primary platform.

Third party purchased software is strictly limited to communication drivers. This allows Contec Systems to customize our primary software application in order to meet the finest detail of any project specification.


During the first four years of business, Contec Systems was one of the few environmental software companies to provide a CEM software solution on a single personal computer that was 100% compatible with a DOS based operating system.

Requiring thousands of hours of development, Contec Systems’ first major product, dataSOFT, was an ingenious combination of source code programmed using the Assembly language, Microsoft’s C 7.0, and IBM Basic to provide a product that “time sliced” the DOS operating system. This design provided 100% data availability during all periods of operation, including report generation.

Since the DOS operating system is not a multitasking operating system (that is – cannot perform more than one (1) operation at a time), Contec’s founders provided a data acquisition program that was much more advanced than industry standards at that time.

Contec’s founders developed and engineered a data acquisition software package that defied the logical operation of a DOS operating system. Contec’s design actually controlled the DOS operating system, instructing when CPU time should be allocated to data acquisition from the PLC, and when CPU time should be allocated to the continuation of any report that was required. The result – a DOS based software package that provided 100% data availability while still generating emission reports that required a few brief minutes of CPU operating time.

Recognize by both Allen Bradley and General Electric development engineers, dataSOFT for the DOS operating system was the first time these engineers had witnessed any software application that correctly and properly “time slice” the DOS operating system, making DOS “look like” a multi-tasking operating system.

With the onset of the various Windows operating systems, Contec’s engineers have continued to develop new software applications that provide superior performance with the relatively new computer operating systems.

As the Microsoft Corporation has continued to introduce new operating systems into the personal computer (PC) market, Contec has advanced our computer source code programming from Visual Basic (VB) 3.0, to VB 4.0, VB 5.0 and is now providing our CEM application, dataSOFT SUITE, in Microsoft’s latest version of VB.NET.

With thousands of installed and certified applications in operation, Contec Systems continues to be a leader in the design and implementation of state-of-the-art software solutions.

Key Goals and Company Charter

In 1990, Contec Systems was founded with a mission statement to provide an engineered solution using only the best available CEM control and data acquisition software technology available. After more than 1500 completed installations, our mission is still our primary focus.

Two additional goals and objectives were to provide our customers. First, providing the security of knowing that a software product would be supported for an extended period of time “retiring” the product only when Contec could no longer receive support on the purchased portions of the product and/or the Windows Operating System. Second, that Contec would never charge a customer for a software defect, regardless of when the defect was identified.

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